Many thanks to Chris Cooper for hosting a wonderful Korean barbecue dinner in Oakland, CA. Attending were Easan Katir, Tom Larsen, Henry Carstens, Chris Cooper, and the Sogi family. After the initial toast to Victor and Laurel for bringing us all together, we heard tales of adventure in the options pits, debated systems and discretionary systems, heard insights from decades in the institutional brokerage business, discussed lookback periods and changing cycles, practical hedgefund back-office tips, programming, mathematical algorithms, trade execution, and pros and cons of having a separate office outside the home for trading.

To add excitement to the evening we even heard trading signals and alarms at work in the background from Chris's trading room. To my delight, my daughter, a PhD candidate at Berkeley, held forth at length from her perspective as a scientist studying molecular biochemistry and application of the scientific method. Each of us had a completely different approach to quantitative analysis, making for interesting debate. It was a pleasure to meet many in person whom I hold in high regard. It was a fun and educational dinner.


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