It's hard to objectively describe a place were you spent your formative years. We each have our Eden, were we learned to live and love. The campus and hills and hollers around Blacksburgs was mine.

The rough limestone architecture of the campus is meant to mirror it environment. While the ruggedness of the mountains terrain is spectacular, the details of the area made my average 100-mile per weeks on foot there not enough. I was always wanting to do more miles, springing out of bed to get in that first glimpse of the sun.

The rugged woods, the myriad trails and streams and the architecture spring forth many professors and students strong in the sciences and strong individuals on and off campus. I can hardly imagine a place more conducive for a student of life than this. The tragedy yesterday makes no sense, except as a great evil, brought about by a mind that accepts revenge as the answer. When revenge is the motive, often massive unbelievable events can transpire, yet sense and justice fail the avenger and the burden falls on the innocent with the most promise. Tonight, I pray for those innocent put through hell.


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