By reading Victor and Laurel's books many times over I've absorbed the wisdom that they wrote about. My suggestion is to get copies of EdSpec and PracSpec, take off the dust covers and set them aside, invest in a highlighter and a good pen, and begin to read and highlight and underline those things that are important to you and relevant to what you are trying to accomplish.

After that task is done then go get another notebook that will be a journal. As soon as possible do the following in any order that you'd like and record the results:

  1. Grow a plant
  2. Take a hike down a path
  3. Visit a stream, river, and ocean
  4. BBQ amongst friends
  5. Watch a sporting event
  6. Ride a bicycle
  7. Play a game of chess or checkers
  8. Learn to program a computer
  9. Make a homemade volcano
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Jump rope
  12. Go to store, view the variations in vegetables
  13. Count different birds in a park, their sounds
  14. Try to solve Pi manually
  15. Bake a cake and apply icing
  16. Go fishing
  17. Run a mile as fast as you can
  18. Listen to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  19. Make a campfire
  20. Tell a stranger hello
  21. Grab some clay and make something
  22. Identify different clouds for two weeks
  23. Watch the squirrels in a local park
  24. Fold a newspaper in as many shapes possible
  25. Go bowling
  26. Play poker

Bottom line: if you want to think outside the box, then really get outside the box.





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