Here's a funny story. About five years ago, some guy in Kansas City who was mad about gas prices went to the Board of Trade there with a pistol that he used to tap on the glass of the visitors gallery. The entire pit scattered off the floor as soon as they saw him and it being Kansas City, a couple traders went to their cars to get their guns and roamed the halls looking for him.

I might as well recount another story. The day before I started as a clerk there (July 1st, 1998, one of the happiest days of my life) a female clerk got her car bombed in the parking lot across the street. Someone walked up, broke a window, threw in some sort of explosive and ran away. The resulting fire roasted the cars next to it as well and could be seen from the trading floor. From what I heard, the female clerk was pretty crazy and slept around but I never met her as she left the floor after that day.

It's these types of stories I'll entertain my grandchildren with someday after the floor is long gone.





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