I went to buy pool supplies today and found that the chlorine/shock I usually use has gone up in price by almost 100% since last year. So I logged on to Leslie's Pool Supplies and bought from them but they said their prices were up by about 50%, too. Of course the clerk had no idea why. Has anybody else run into this or know why this is happening? Twenty-five pounds of chlorine/shock for $94.99. I kid you not!

Gordon Haave replies:

The pool at my new house is a salt pool. You put in salt, and a little box zaps it and turns it into chlorine. The end result is a clear pool that is very slightly chlorinated and very slightly salty. Very refreshing.

Joyce Shulman adds:

I don't know if it is cost-effective for large pools, but we have a spa in our backyard and purify it with an ozone generator. The water is sparkling clean and clear and has never had a drop of chlorine or bromine in it. We heard that ozone generators were used in the pool in the Atlanta Olympics at the insistence of the Europeans, then returned to chlorine later. I wonder why? Ozone is wonderful. 


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