December 7, 2020 |

everything unchanged except gold at a 5day high recovering frm a 12% continuous swoon. the big traders , and infra structure giants must create extra vol today to swing the public inti switches and churning before employment

a nice dipsey doodle out of the blue sky the market devil is infinitely creative when it c0mes to causing the vig and churn

heard in the 27 th district of cal. a call is on hold from the surgeons dining room at va hospital . they wish to know from the congresswoman how the pfizer announcent effects the inverse ultra puts of Indonesia

you have to hand it to the market devils . in the last 15 minutes of the trading day they manged to bring sp from the high of day at 3680 to th low at 3645 and then bak to the middle at 3668. imposible but true. the reason why the best investor i knew James Lorie always said

"stick to buy and hold" 


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