November 30, 2020 |

it was quite a fight. considering everything, the incumbent did well…. Now we' lll see how the progressives like the new economic order. and if they destroy themselves as in the French revolution.andwelll see how the market likes collectivism

i am asked to recommend a book ono the french rev. i recommend "voices of the French revolution by Richard Cobb… it has alll the events from contemperaneos souces withh illustrations and( you cna draw your own conclustions as to the similartiteis of today. robespierre et inspired by one Big after another coming up with vaccines that replace placebos that lead to 0.5% incidence of disease by chance study showing miniscy=ule efficacy of masks is from same caracker barrel of what i meant to send regardiing the marginal efficacy and absurd cost benefit of current crop of vaccines..we live intupsy turvy times. one is long gold

a type 1 error the fda gueards against . falsly rejacting a hypothesis that is true. a 5% prob of rejcitn s true is usually applied.. but not taken into consideratin are the type 2 errors for falsely accepting that a treatment doesnt work when it does. Andy Lo always

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