November 30, 2020 |

the key questioon with the vaccines is with alll thehoundred ofthousand + enrolled in the studies andthemanyhurdles concerning theregisteringof the results andthe histeresis in the results and the many steps that must occur to check and diagnose, why didnt the results

of at least one get reported before the election..i already reported the histeresis of one big pharma via a little bird.presumably the bird would have found morsels of wok e in the other two also. is there no non-woke in any of the three and counting for more

the applicants and the interests of camp kinsellla just hit a 4 year max

the great amerinvestor pokes some fun at me . he expresses theidea that the incumb mishandled the pandemic. but the incumb cleared all the bureacracy and infernal conservatism of the fda and got them to try to cure people without covering their tuches balancing the

benefits against ther side efects inrecord time.its just that appparently there is not one supporter in big pharma who is gratefull for the unchaining that the incumb facilitated. at

at least there was no one at big pharma with the courage to go agaiinst the polls and possibly help the incumbent by providing the good news that they knew about for sure in one case and could or should hav eknown about in the others. Profesor Peltzman is not

the grisly comparison would have applied here but bureacracy was overcome by the incumbent desptie the 99% at the cdc and dr. cattle trader who strove to prevent it

oh is there not one pharma there who had the result earlier pirates of penzance is there not one maiden



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