Marbles, from Alan Millhone

April 12, 2007 |

 Do any of you still have your marbles from when you were little? I have a few that were my father's when he was a boy. They are clay fired and quite old. I have a jar full of my own when I was a youth. I also still have a couple of my leather marble bags that I used when in grade school.

I can remember at recess a few of us gathering and someone would take a stick and draw a circle in the dirt and then make a small notched mound in the ring's center to rest marbles that we would shoot at from outside of the ring. If you leaned 'in' too far someone would shout "no hunchies."

Most of us had our own favorite 'shooter' marble and we all dreaded losing our prized shooter in a game. My area years ago had the Vitro Agate Marble Company, long gone. I still have marbles from that company and they made beautiful cat's eyes.

Every year in St. Mary's, W.Va., they close of the streets and vendors come from all over to set up and hawk their marbles to collectors who come from everywhere to buy and sell. Marbles are beautiful and some are highly collectible. Yes, I have a few good ones tucked away.

The Discovery Channel had a nice program on the making of marbles tonight and it made me think back to my youth and the fun I used to have shooting marbles.

J. T. Holley adds:

My son has his marble belt loop from Cub Scouts. Many vintage games are still part of the Cub Scout program. I get a kick out of remembering and participating in the games with him as we move through the ranks. We have a marble racer game and invented a marble soccer game, and we also spend hours playing traditional marbles.





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