September 30, 2020 |

as predictied the market loves socialismt , increased taxes, and the green new deal. the odds against incumbent moved down by 9%. its a landside for the challenger. and the market went up 5 points. its not cricket. it makes one wish to throw in the towel. 59% versu 37.%

as markman says about the gret mr. e , "Even when he's wrong he makes you money" i was wrong about the amrket's reaction to the debate. as soon as the odds on s=challanger went to landslide territory of 20% from 11 or 12% be teh debte the market went down., perhap by 1%

apparentlyy some people beside the bilious billionaires dont wish to have their wealth confisated

i go bak to my original theem the market loves socialism. it has a self destructive mien. i buying at 1 am

at least there will be no "peaceful protests" on nov 3

like armand hammer and the palindrome who often liked to hurrah me because any proofits i made would go to the account of the : soviet novrokony bank i have no compunction in taing a profit from the turn to the left one willl need it

it waw very dark at the end of the tunnel when 1291 hit the fan

not to admit that one mite have made a profit as it moved from 3300 3314. thinkin g bak to the good old days before the palindrome severed his relation with me, i recall with stalwarness the two rules he taught me. ` 1 use two cans of tennis ball. 2 never admit to a prft

never admit to green on the balance sheet

the main loser in the betting odds wias madame royale the vp in waiting. her odds of becoming pres ths eletion felll by 50% as the chance that hte boss woud pass away in a m onth decreased to almost zero with hsi vibrant performance

much baka nd forth about who won the debate and in the meanwhile the challlangers lead doubled to 22 percentage pts from 11 befr the debate. amadame royale has her chance of beoming next pres down to 0.2%

i reiterate my originaltake. " the market loves big government, marxism, and socialism. and they prefer a cellephonic candiate to a strident one. shld be


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