September 30, 2020 |

we have the sp way down on a 20 day basic and bonds near an all time hgh, crude hovering at @$40.00 pres odds movig evry day aginst inumb. where is it going?

the drift is ubiquitous and for alll times especially with the return on capital 10 times higher than th e 30 year rate. so its just a question of time when the stocis recover from the frenzied hopes of the bilious one who wish to prevent competition for thier progeny

i am asked to translate. the pwer of compound interest . 15 % which busiesses make on their capital ivessted comes to 16 times as mcuh ater 20 years as 1 % fixxed income yield. that seem more impoortant to me than the desire to icnrese capital gains taxes to 49% by the

challanger wishes to distance himself now from the socialist agenda. but as inthe french revolution the Jacobins will only grow more strident and violence willl ncrease no matter who win but especially if the incumb wins


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