The wheel which revolves in Slab City because it is it is small what goes around comes around quickly.

One months ago, a bag lady who lives on the Highline Canal took a chair and rope to the bank under a tree where a fisherman watched her make a hang-woman's noose, throw the free end over a limb, step onto the chair, put the noose over her head, and waited to see if she was really going to do it. After she jumped he cut her down.
A week later, she was pushing her cart past Salvation Mountain and pulled our town chef unstuck from the June hot asphalt who had collapsed on his bicycle with groceries.
A few days later, the fisherman's puppy came due for euthanasia at the dog pound and the chef gave him $100 to rescue it. 
Then he was robbed blind and hungry until the newlyweds gave him part of their corona stimulus checks. 
Yesterday, he got  his unemployment benefit as a caterer and made a big meal for everyone on the canal.
The wheel is like a boomerang here and we have many happy returns.


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