September 22, 2020 |

i meant to say that Europe is close to a high down only 2% as is Japan where everything else is on fire. the challanger is increasing his lead to 10% from a 7% % one wekk ago with 110 million wagered so far.crude bak to recent his

rich where Fox refused rto allow talk about the bilious palidnrome's bearish views was the proximate cause of the declien on tripple witching day

all the destoying of the economy and protest until after the election sothat nobacklash willl appropriately emerge and the ublic wont see the hole weve descended into. you ask me " what does this have to do with market" i say the interview where Ging

perhaps they dont wish to be cheerleaders for fall anymore. same with Fox news. they dont want to say Palindrome supporting "protests" by sponsoring "Protest {DA and cetain orgs. Why is it a variation of the threat is worse then the execution or just prudence to halt

there's something incongrous about the bilious dta service . usually they have have 90% of thier articles talkiing about how the market is much tooo high. and is ready to tank. especially nasdaq. but now not a word about the Correction in nas down 10% from recent high 


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