September 22, 2020 |

teh congeress will never again be non-woke since two woe states willl be added immediately and filibuster willl be eneded aids of all the ruined cityies willl ultimately create high interest rates again

the other bilious billionaires a re quiet for the same reason that all their fellow travelers inow to tone down the violence before the election. they have it all saved if theylose and if they win whc is now highly probable then service rates willl go up on everyone and

smsxing not to see all the bililous billonaires crowing about the nasdaq being in a CORRECTION. perhaps the recent publiciyt that Fox wont carry anythigh negative agoainst the palindrome has chastened them for a while lest they seek th e real reason for alll the wealth abrod

the incumbent increases its lead slitley to 10% in the betting odds during the past weke. some of the worst declines in sp hasve occured in conuncition with a 20 day low in conunction with triple witching hour. consider 10 -19 87 wuth a nice3 25% declines on monday

yet eyrioe us diwb 2% firm its high and niikei is down 1.5% from it s hihg. curde is near its 20 day high, and euoro is at its' big 20 day hihg. gold is down 5% fom its high, and bonds are relatively subdued about halfway beween it s receent hgh and low about 2%..

it is interesting to contemplate the tangled bank of prices in various countries adn market. the sp and nas ad at big 20 day lows. b with sp downw 7% and nasdqq down 10.5% 


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