September 14, 2020 |

the lack of triple intentions in modern fencing and i lament the lack of it in markets

at least let me introduce you to Aldo Nadi who some consider the greatest fencer ever,. tiple intentions is faking a move then the opponent knwos you fake and prepares a defense and knowing that you prepare a thir dmove adjusted. nadi laments

years. alll quantitaively. thus i know all the regularities between markets of the past. but the problem is that the regularities dont continue. they're subject to ever chanigng cyces or multipe classifications or triple int.entions. who wins the over. unde I meant well

apologies. i wasnt expecting an up 25 opening. i ws expecting it to go up this much but after down.. now i have a predction down from 3348 basis december down until 5 am then up i dont put much validity to this prediction. i am an old man and have been trading for 60 


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