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there are other articles in this 28 page paper including a 8 page halll of fame((9 such a paper is not known for being unfriendly to the busiesses it writes about

8..hers why indoor dining in the city migth not hapen any time soon..9. homeless advocates thereatend to sue over racist nimbyism(safety is its top priority but the residents   near the hotels that homeless have been movedd into compalin about drug acitivty and loitering 

4 smal business need a rent lifeline5. dinapoli outliens extreme budget s enrarious for city and state( the s tate and city are facing billion dollar gaps) 6. new yorks s borrowing conundrum(city deperate for money) 7. rate of workforce drug use hits 16 year high. 

interesting article in current issue of crains new york business 1. shark week produ on hook in bak rent as lawsuit says. 2. ambulance companies feel the pain( more amd moe patients are desirign to be trated at home3. melrose credit union sans while ceo 8 mm sght

for thsoe who interested. i will have a very important market predicition early sunday nite

the woke proposals have a 44% captial gains rate and this would reduce economic activity like the lockdown and refusal to allow schools and restaurants to open so that non-woke will lose thereby garnering the attractive females

hte Palindome because their bearish views are to prevent others form competing for reproduction.. they refrain from noting the 50 00 fold a century drift in stock returns and the detrimental effect of increasing the service rate on capital gains to 44%from thh current 20% as s

it si said that Ohenry could win a challenge " give me any number of person and I will make a short story out of it> i often make the same challenge. give me any book or scientific study and I'll show you how it affect markets. Okay, y ou cant trust the bilois bills site or

foundation for al studies along with the triumpahl trio and loorie and Fisher. it turns out that he is also an expert on cowboy lit where I first came to notice him. i query him does he agree with me that Elmer Kelon write the best western including The Time it never rained

have eminent Mr. Smiith prepared to testify. please feel free to use my chambers wihtout asking. I felt the same way when William Goetzmann honored me by following. his work on the history of stock prices and money is vereminent and important providing a periodic table and

to round up and brand mavericks. it was also a good way to find a noose around neck. this post was inspired by a typial jury trial in the west where a circuti jude presided. when a eminent statesman entered the courtroom to testify the judge typically said " we are honored to

big cattle men occured after the civil way when they could brand all the stray cattle that had excaped from ranchers who werent able to keep them enclosed during the war. as soon as the fortunes were amde the cattle men banded together to make it illegal for new ranchers

how to explain why the bilioous billionaire are almost unifromly bearish and in favor of increasing service rates for the rest of humanity. a nice exmaple is contained in elmer kelton's thhrid book in the hewey calloway series, THe Smilng Country. most of the fortunes of

Male Dominance - an overview | ScienceDirect › topics › computer-science › mal… 

The term male dominance evolved in the twentieth century as a conceptual label to characterize the unequal power relations between men as a group and women as a group. 


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