September 11, 2020 |

if you look at shot that hit blm referee it was not an act of violence or anger but more like a little frustration and hitting the ball bak to ball boys. a cuomo set up to create unhappiness and miery beofre nov. as such it is bearish

of course if game had been in front of liveaudence no dq as 20000 fans would have protested. uforutnatley he was not a man of color and blm was refereeing

why is hitting a referee unintentionally a dq event. happened to referree when anderson hithard serve that hit line judge in head off a wall uintentional wy do rules protect the officials a not have anythign to do with sportsmanship.. same reason market down 2 dys ago 

only 1/4 the volume of a normal day today, if person of color had threatened tokilll linesman, she wouldnt have been dq.. same reason taht riots are called protests, and schools are being close is why djovoich dq.

an ugly rise. challlenger widens lead to 11 percentage pts verus 4. just three days ago.. djovovich falls victim to pc. as line judge weaing blm pin an.. whi is ridiculour rule noot based on intent. he his an easy frustrated shot that a non- pc person woulld have bloc 


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