September 11, 2020 |

the sheep are vulnerable to coyotes

would this ruling bave benn any different if an outstanding womens player of fashion had let the racket slip on head with propaganda lie this against incumbent.. ny tiimes ( did they buy ebony/" report that his campaign paid his legal bills,ultimately coommon sense will prevail 

Mrs flagg to charliiiie in time it nver rained : mrs " you already fed the sheep " . charlie " " illl buy more :… doe s a man always have to have a wife that tries to rein him in"

nevr a penumbra

looks good

phil kerpen points out that deaths from covid are vastly overstated. colorado by 1/3 . mose than 50% of deaths are at nusing homes. number of deaths decreaisng to close to zero in many states. this info is suppressed

sys soti=uation to get worse. 7 tehn rise was due to hinese optiosn trade: the point is with overwel=helmingly negative coverage like this fromo teh 3 major media influences no wonder inumb defecit is increseing to 7% and rising versus 4% a week ago

billious headlines; trump loaded plane with art on return from paris.2. weimar republic 7 reasons why trum is worse: 3 hot to attack Trump so it hurts: 4 boats sinik in trump raly. manuchin says trump very peased with how it sgoing and wants skiny stimulus- powelll sa 


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