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keys to game ? spf up 10 of last 11 days by at least 5. challanger back in his cellar. dollar moves from big low to 5 day high. crude from40 day hi to 5 day low. dc votes to remove franklin and other founders . the hate America gains while spf hits 8 of last 9 all time hi

corrections dow is at 29000. what are chances when it is at a 9, like 1000 away from a round nuber of 30000 that it will hit 28000 before 30000 

dow is at 2900 what are the chances when the dow is less than 100 awa;y from a round number like 3000 that it willl hit 2800 before 3000,.. a qu ery for Dr. bejan also for memorializatiion in his next book

if you send me your address on private meassage on twitter that will do m my email is vniderhoffer@ an address to me in any fashion will requited with book. there was goo dinterest and work inthis contest. welll do ti again

ill put you on spec list and once you give me your names , (perhaps on spec list) ill send y ou a signed copyp of book.

because the re was quite a drift from 2011 there is chance that there is a slite difference .. several winners gotu the same answer of 4% by simulation or resampling. the winners were messr. doomlog, zhou , saad, silla, woladdon,f, Kuba,,pinony. nice work.congrats

what are chances that he would pick them out of hat in exact order of batting averages there are 24 permutations of batting orders . only 1 would be in order of lowest to highest.. that is 1 out of 24 ratio, it wouldn't matter if be picked the four out of 2,000, same ratio

suppse a baseballl manager of color had to pick a batting order. and he had 4 hitters of color . and he knew nothing but their batting averagers and that they alll didnt pan to kneel.the manager threw their batting averages in a hat and picked them out of hat

the least i can do is to send those with a correct answer to the 4 ascending prices problem a signed copy of education of a specualtor. as grandma moses said about her painting s "perhaps it will be worh a doollar some day" welll cut the entries off at 1 pm et

there are 2490 days of closing prices for sp sinc e beginnning of 2011. what are chances that if you pick 4 closing prices at random/ that they will be in ascending order? correct answer gets a free membership to spec list 

what are chances that challanger survives 60 days according to betting odds. about 95% as the next liekely challangers add up to 2% 


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