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actua payments of Sevice was 5% on reported earnings. many experts on spec list have alerted to other sopisticated techniques . and not least is projecting a mien with urging higher service rates for himself espcialll compared to secreatry and others

article on the Sage on woke org maket watch. theytalk about valueof compounding. but leave out most imprtant part for Sage and former friend of mien.What can reduce the Sevicwe take . eg/ no dividends on comanie sage buys. Service rate on Berhisre itself. last time

query 1. tase of nov protests if icumb wins. query 2. who pays these "protesters"

nikkei verey down and exerts pernicious influence on rounds in sp

keys to game. dollar at low. round at 35000 just 5 away. incumb narrows lead to less than 10… cahllenger bike riding 2 weeks ago. five 20 day highs in row. bonds begnngn to creep back from low n ow up slitely

multivariate time series program invented by susan and me and run on the trs 80 since 1975. he did a great job and every encomia Mr. Eisenstat hurled at him has proven true. he had a good forehand in tennis also and played many a fine 1 against 2 with Prof Pennington as par

looking at expectations we find 16 of last 20 up is neutral to bull for next few days and 17 or last 20 up is slitely bear. we take this opportunitye to shouw out to Mr. Tom Downing. we hired hiim on Mr. Eisenstadts recommendation and he updated and coded our ogirinal the bespoke scientists have an interesting chart which shows that the % of days u p in the sp is at a high. it gives us a chance to try a few scans. what is the expectation given that x out of last y moves are above a certain mag. we find e.g that


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