September 10, 2020 |

interesting to see that challanger qualifiers add u up to 1.2% inchallanger team. both bloom and harris and clinton have 0.3 % chance in bertting pool.. apparently there is stilll 1 /40 chance that challanger doesnt run

a procustean bed on one hand bonds at 90 day low at 17527 abd 5 seoarate cobsecytuve 29 day highs in row. but stocks so near constructal number of 3500 

market making a monkeyout of me. half hour prices have susbumed over 1000pts or 3%of change so far. bonds at minimum bearish but stocks stopped at 3998 three times isnt cricket.. has to be sonstrucal number soon bit bonds bear

one believes that the face saving institution purveying,assuaging to the woke of chance gardner will hav a detrimental impact on stocks as bonds hit a 60 day low, the bond vigilantes coming back to guard against evilit s in the world

but one should always memorialize the Markman is one of most dynamic and excellent wrtiers and bosses that one has ever had ( allthough the number of bosses is 1 not to diminishhim

thatshouod be will constructal of 9400 inexorably attract stocks beof re bonds sink it. i remind oneself of idiot i used to work with at msm who alwys wrote is lucent a growth stock or a value stock?

keys to the game. will the final round counstructal sink the stocks beofre teh huge 80 day minimu in bonds exerts its perniciousincuence as money bet on pres at 45% chance of wining aproaches 11000% of last two wekk betting

and thus chance gardner an amiable ignorant well meaning woke succombs to the pressrue for diversity by sinking bonds

“Right now, this VIX warning signal is flashing again as it did earlier this year and prior to the (cont)

promise me that after destroying my books you willl never use mumbo jumbo charts and specious correspondences to 1987 and 2000 to make market predicitons and thaty 


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