September 10, 2020 |

but if any of them seem to countenancee charting or trend following please destroy them

alll good things must come to an end and I bequeath my books to the spec list

going bak to 1996 i find only 4 occasions when such consistent bullishenss to 1230 after a few 20 day maximums

amazing come bak and move to be supressed by Lott. two ]weeks ago chall had a 24% lead with 78 million bet. now its 12 percentage pts lead with 86 million bet. more than 100% of the money bet the last tow weeks has been on incumb

hows the surfing in Hawaii mr. sogi?

market must make amends for giving public a break in eveniing by smashig them today in the am

its one of those days where the market ah made it impsosible for the public to lose more than their wont by being toppped out by institutions and top feeders with infinite cap;ital. the biggest move between halflhour prices over nitie was 1 fuoo sp point. they wiill have

coorrection maraket has set exactly one 20 day maxima on 250 occasions. and it's 60% to be up 2 days later. in accord with randomenss

the selfish market in its infinite machinations has set exactly three 20 day maxima in a row on 83 occasions since 2011 . it has set exactly one 20 day maxima on 546 occasisons . this would seem to be inordinatley less than randomness 


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