September 4, 2020 |

let us d=forget about dr. cattle and w=te wokes and the convention for a minute. the sp has already hit the constructal number of 34 00 and is overing 3 below it now presmmably all thekings horses cant keep it below for too long

the drs in deep state whodotn have to worry about jobs or pensiosn to a man have denigrated the blood plasme treatment as it not proved conclus

ively and best safety no yet conclusive.. soonn we can expect dr. cattle to do womething to help the cattle traderesits

[reseumably this s a reason to keep kids out of school. in any case the woes seems to be getting desperate and as their lead keeps decreasing we can only expect a despearte series of keech like cult ratiocinations and riiots in Octobler to stop that man 

hodl him resposnbillel for all the deaths and unemployment in the world. the times has a typcial example with a fort page busienss article saying the kids dont get very sisk but it is deadly for them neverthess. you see the native american did better when they had money stipnds

like reasons the cutl decries the rise. moves int eh grains every thru years as well as the moves in stocks and bonds and gold and the dollar decliihe come sto mind. i believe i see this with the challangers supprters . one day they tear up his messa, the next day theyl

every now and then a market keeps moving higher and higher (or the reverse lower and lower). with the bears coming up with oneunreasonablel reason to hope the market breaks after another. eventually the llast short fold has cards but it is interesitng to see the keech 

of course all the news is subsidiary and irrelevant but just provides a descriptive narrative to the selfish price.ethe selfish price isn 8 aways from another construal number and at yet another all time high. what are the chances that dr. cattle can hold the dyke 

when will fda learn that decisio makig udcner uncertainty which all market peoope make can be made in better ways than doubleblind . ad that during crises safety testing is secondary to potentiall llife savnig. imagine imarket people were to hold off on trading anythng

and the Pres is scheduled to announce a new cure and hope for alleviating virus at 6 pm. presumably dr. fauci will be rite there tl decry the lak f double blid and sav=fery results for it to debunk hope. when will the fdelern that people have a rite to their own life. 

much news today. pres continues to narrow lead of adversary to 55 % versus 42% makig for a 43% chance for pres with the figures showing massive last minute trends for the underdog as in racing. these betting figures also agree with odds shak. violence continues in Port 


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