September 4, 2020 |

stocks at new high as they managage about 30% of all days since 2011. only questio is whether they willl hiit the constructal tqrger todqy to dwicomvbulte cqll optoion sellerws

teh story is thaat at the wigwam the day of the election a drunk always sane " marching thru georgia " but couldnt get thruthe frist line. he lapsed into somnolence. and nock said that the the drunks political sensibilities were the greatest and most appropriate he ever saw

like old man river wh enever stocks go down, bonds go up showign that the trendo mmm continues with full force

there was much hope from the bilios ones at 33 57 down 23 on day.. that hoppe has receded like nocks woebeoge at the wiigwam he began marchign to georgia but could never get thru the first verse before he lapsed into stupor. in any case the debates seem on 


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