September 4, 2020 |

camp kinsella still an option for chancee gardner and at least willl near previosu chair and daughter of press secreatry there

" tail risk at a maxixmum" " whare dods that debates will be canceled . well know tonite

heard as the heavily paneled lunch room at the Reserve. " i offered her half or what she asked for"

the traveling salesman has not asertained if the gas at 33 775 is worth a pass over

lets see if change gardner and his boys and the woke treas secretary can make restitution for yesterday especiallly seeing they donthave to assume the incumbent is necerrily sunk

i must confess that the extent of the move relieved me of some capital also

you have to hand it to the market . after 3 days of stasis where the half hour pries never exceededd 1 pt away from high to cloosel the makret dropped 150 big pts overnite thereby allowing and insuring that the public lost its riteful share to the big to the big top feeders


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