September 4, 2020 |

congresswoman watanabe must have read the minutes and sold phil kerpen

absudity for school age children. phil perpen has death rate of kids of school age given that they tested pos for marketing virus. not one state has death rate above pernicious is the desire to sink incumbent

as one plank in wokes is to make Fed take 3 rd plank for wokity , chances are that minutes will show strident independemce/ the constructal beckons 

who is the woman of Aisan descent who is extremely profitable in her trades and what is she doing now with the annnouncemnt which she and every other member of congress gets as they "meed to know" 

a non-bilious number. e sp has been at a 20 day high at the close 57 times and it hastn 107 times since 2020

the schoools and the lockdowns are related in other ways than bodh closed sink the incumb./ the schools have preparedte woke for marxism so they must continue to maintain their 95% chalegner bias 


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