September 4, 2020 |

concerning the rise in wealth of the fabulous 12 billionaires the one thing that is relevant is that according to the betting odds it isonly 36% that (the incumbent willl lose and the senate will become democratic.) jointly) a lethargic day as stocks move to new hi along with

nobodyasked me but the market watch owned by dow is as bearish as thebillionaires data firm. they foudn1 analyst who was bearish and they featured him. nextt hye foud t i bearish because the rise recently has been gingerly. oly goneup 12 ot 14 days. there is much hand wriging

aall the billionaires perhaps 90% of them against incumbent who are going to be faced wtih a 45% capital gains versus current 20 % ardentntly espousing anti enterprise agends

one of greatest regularaties is that individuals will act according to their eocnomic interests. alll the gov agencies 95% against incumbent. as Heather M says not one calling for a lockdown had to wrory about his or er job and pension. but its' amazing to see

a most unusual day with many new highs or almosts dollar at loow versus yen and euro never happned in alst 2 yrs wtih stocks up.. apparently likely turn to marxism greater in Us than Europe 


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