September 3, 2020 |

a hard fought draw with a dynamic finish.

and yet the market according to waj loves her as she not hard on siliicon valley et al the bilious billionaires

as an indicatio of drift note, that as of 1 pm since 2011 the marketha been at a 20 day high at 1 pm et 548 . and its hasnt at 1928 tiems. that's 28% of time. so dont woke me about how bear things are. but 4 of them were like yest and today. nothing special

lets see if they can fool me the same way they did yest from 11000 to 2 pm et .. no way will they get me twice the way they did yesterday

thank goodness that sage hired two market pickers who paid for lunch with him.( was his wife stilll working at the bar or did she attend also)) the two must have tauught him to admire , understand apple. or did he learn it from on line bridge games with the agrarian founder

the two things i learned from Palindrom after 15 years of very continus and intimate conact were 1. to always use two cans of tennis ballls, and 2.. never to admit to having a profit in anything. 3. a thrid thing ive picked up is never let anyone know what your positionis

they shouldnt be trading markets as they both hate technoloy. buffett admits he ddoesnt know hwot o use ty pewriter or somue such and palindrome says he's retiring from markets because his book of 20 years ago gave away his secrets

furthermore if y ou test the indicator it turns out to be predicitive of just the opposite. it goes against growth and productivty , applied to nasdaq by extension what would it say. buffett and Palindrome both admit

heres the typical piece of a cult what kind ? keech, woke? bearomoter?

when you review it the marekt watch article that buffetts favorite indicatoor is flashing a selll signal is propoganda of the worst kind. buffet didny sayanyting aobut. it. buffet didnt test it. with propaganda bear likethis,, the move to constructal next is much easier

But to care about the economy is to care about human life, since economy is how life is sustained. It is a source of meaning, as well as sustenance, binding humans to each other in web of voluntary exchange. To its workers, every bus is essntial, and to many customers as well.

the tobin indicator sp / gnp is mumbo jumbo if tested would havebeen bearish during the stock markets 50000 fold a cetury rise. the wsj reports that buffet would be very bearish but doesnt indicate that buffett said aything about it rcntl it would lead him to bellly up

the wsj received a letter from hundreds of its staffers complain that they are not more woke. everynow and then apprntly this group seizes control and biases wsj so that economic transactions jobs and what we buy becomes secondary to woke adn theyre like the bilious blom site

wsj has one bearish article saying that incumbent did it and free markets are the problem and problem is that gov doesnt control everything and buffett would be very bearish and vp dem is ve

market has a very smalll range of 1 or 3 pts each interval today so it musut have a big day in store for us as the pubic has no right to lose so little 


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