September 3, 2020 |

thye fooled me twice today. after the open and the close. made one feel very amateurish. and yet…. deception is payr for the course.

market is ineluctable and trie dto fool longs at close thereby owing a good finish to constructall number. challenger keeps incresing lead so proetests if incumbent lwins will ot hapen . and marketing dept of virus will close

a double bounce that wasnt crricket. but the couse of a conststructal must be deceiving

that decline wasnt cricket hte acorn doesnt falll far–

one cant resist on the move to next constructal to note that dr. cattle was guaranteed to say russian vaccine no good. it wasnt invented here and it wont derail the economy for the new catte trader and sanders accolyte

one sets sites on the next constructal number of 3400 sp

marekts only done this twice in last 10 years with bonds bonwn down and sp up at open and up today but down close to close yesterday. a very unhealthy situation except it provides an antidote to marxism

finallly some antidote to the government spending for non-productive activyt.. the bonds go way don. the quantity theory of money rises from 1000 years ago. production is down. money is up. prices must go up. mv = pt

query> the stock market dropped almost 2% beteen 3 pm and 4pm et. yesterday in conjunction with chaanger's selectioon of vp. did it go down because his vp was good for his chances or bad? i.e is the market now in a situation where everything Trump is bear or bull?

bonds at big minimum at least 40 day.. challanger lead in race expands to 20 percantage points. stock market seems to like new vp of challanger. seems li e the kind that like the cattle trader would short cattle when she says she bought it because she was bull 


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