September 3, 2020 |

dollar making a big recovery

;perhas the end of the marxism meme for a while

a most unusual day with bonds refusing to go up wh en stocks go down and gold down 100 and incumbent lessening his loss in polls.. has the scent of a new regivem

stocksw ay up and b onds way down at 910 not so fgood for spf

marketing dept of the virus in us very upset by the possibillity of reduction of morbidity. amazing that any coutnry can develop a vaccine that beats palceby with its 90% efficay . high standard error. imagine dr. cattle decrying it.

The Russians develop a vaccine theyre ready to roll out and all meia and woke ignore and decry it unntil after the election as it mite give hope

strangely not bearish at all at 8 am with bond down big and stocks up big at 8 am

one notes that the inciumbent is improving his odds in the betting markets to 18 % below challanger and improvies by 4% in battle ground states.


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