September 3, 2020 |

market where there is so much " hoping it along " from the bear side and woke side.

all their bearish hope is that " children are getting sick: and the stock market after a 105 decline in november could go up its usual 15 % a year under the challlanger as his increased attention to the environment creates more profits for companies. i have never seen a

it is pathetic to see the twisitng and extensiosn of the bear wokes trying to find somehting bearish. we've gone u p 7 days in a row . eisenstat has shown that the higher a rise in the sp, the more bullsihfor the rest of year . all the bilious billlionarise can come up

Mr. goldcam pts out on spec list that if challenger wins ,with his doubling of capital gains service his mantra and trillions for reduction of pollution, there would liekly be a heavy selllig in November to take advantae ofthereduced 50 % rate now.

a good article that examines all aspects of striving for dominance especiaoy suppressing the reprodcutvei success of competitior ( by insuring they pay high service rates) is here 


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