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of the american checker foundation is on the spec list and i herdeby ask him to have one of the good p layers answer thshs this ridciulous fallacy

witiing on the walll. thas enuf . i cry for all the time i spent with wiswell and his suden decline at 85. but one t hing for sure, i must or a good checker player must debunk the absurd fallacy the " he plays chess the simpleton plays checkers. alan Millhone the venerable prez

4. In order to win you must have plentry of confidence and thats fine unles it becomes conceit/ 5. i have often been asked w hy i always play 11-15m abd u reokt : that;s where the wins are" 6. a good player sees the handwriting onf the walll'' before there is any hand

1. it is a lot easier to stay out of a trap than it is to draw the losss…. so beware.2. if you want to be certain of your position- you mist begin by doubting it. 3 checejrs nust be learned and releaned over and over. that;s what hoolds us, often for a life time

years , tom wrote a book for me with 8000 proverbs about checkers, life and markets a lll triple entendres. in his honor i willl memorialize a few of them not in my book .

during my 6 day removal from the real world as no power and internet and car and phone, I fortunatley was able to find a god checker program and I masatered the single corner and cross and ayersh9ire lassie from red. in the honor of tom wiswell, w taught me for 25market watch is aoways bearish and could have been edited by the biloious billlionaires and the biolionaire data provided

how did the woke at wsj get a crapolla araticle with ludicrously low samples on their healdine page when the weekend wsj had a scholarly and comprehensei artilce on { why ists9mostly safe to repon the schools. one wonders why Market watch owned by the wsj is so consistelty

have been wouthoutphiil kepen for 6 days a s a zomby . i have no car or telephone) but power wa out, but he points out that the receent wsj article onf transmission by the very young is crapola and one wonder how the 200 reported for the wsj who signed a woke wanting letter

way the sp now thats its a new highs? well have to study on that and be bak when quatitative analysis works

The dr. cattlle refuses to be supppressed in my absence and subtly works for the cattle trader and her illk the latest becinse devern distrust the public health authorities, Heather Mconalld and commonse sense show the wrongness of ths. the question emerges which

lthe woke efforts in total replace productive work, create a grip fro socilallism, reduce happiness, creat misery , and reduce individual effor.. sets a terrible base for the future. but as said, this will turn when the challanger wins

school opening. this despite the incessant clamor, shalll we say charivari or rough nosie for dumping the economy and stock market before the election. One notes the dollar contirnuing it decline which is the main impact of the turn to socialism engendered in the bailouts

was the surge in sp up 6 days in a row caue of the imrpovement or a result?One also notes that the clear evidecne that kids of school age have less than 1 in million chance of morbitiy from the virus or a negigal chance of transmitting it has caused some movement on

one has been without communicatioon in or out durignthe past week dueto a tornado and 5 days wihtout power in Conn.the main thing i noticed when i bak is that the pres odds on the incumbent have 8=improved. it was 23 percentage points against him 1 week ago now 19 pts.


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