September 1, 2020 |

you have to hand it to challenger. he refuses to endorse aoc thereby showing the facade of moderation in the face of woke agenda cubed.. he has good guidance and the drumbeat to keep him like the kurowa generals who pretend to be alive when they are not, begins to carry steam

thus as incumbent keeps getting less likely to win as he does every day, the market goes up because of likely harmouny after the election

my theoroy as to why the market is going up is that in the event that the incumben wins there will be massive protests and violence uncheked and encouraged as in the past. if challanger wins, the marketing dept of the virus will go into hibernation and lockdownw willl stop

keys to the game. will the spp threaten the round number and first day of month a or willl it be deterred by the incredible run of upnes especiallly in afternooon

many somersaults except for s p. 

guaranteed to happpen: 1. DRumbeat for chalanger not to debate incum begin: 2. Pelosi says only one she trusts on virus is dr. cattle. 3 restaurnts in cal. ban dishes with flames. why? a very sagacious dr. who was victim eexplains " they want to killl as much joy as possble 


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