September 1, 2020 |

as soon as nov is over, hydro, and mortality and sports, apple pie, protests, will be in harmony. perhaps why the market remains so strong. on the other hand if the one in a million happens and the incumbent wins, rampant destruction and violence can be antici[ated

it is becomoig increasingly cler that whatever will create misery, unhappiness, anxiety,uncertaity , suffering will be hyed by the pressies to sink economy and Prez. one fears for the coup de grace in Oct as all the billiionaire money is deployed. that's the good news to me

you have to admire dr. cattle feigned humility. "im just going to continue doing my job" when or in what literature besides Dickens has there been one more effective in bringing down his boss?

opposed to hydro chloro–, even though many dr.s hav use it effectvely as an early treratment. . as mentioend the placebo is so effective in preventing mortality that it ialmost impossible to do a double blind on an alternate that is statisi stig stand errr of o.90 x 0.10 etc

certan disturbing info comes down pike about dr. cattle other than his life long love letter to Miss. cattle. 1 he has a baseball card memorilizing his perfect thwo,. 2 he owas the patent for a vaccine- dengue. 3. he wrote a letter praising Governor Cuomo, 4.he is adamantly

everything stillll near a high euro , yen , bonds, curde gold. perhaps a gravitational move hiigher for sp now that Jay chance has seen that he could permanently alienate all his non-work support

a wild close to put chance on guard tomorrow


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