September 1, 2020 |

a ru n of 3 greenies on a special operation with Tesla providing a vividconstructal barrier undil bonds set yeto one more all time high

dr. cattle to throw first pitch of first baseeball game. out of 18000 of 18000 tests inly 1 came bak to marketing dept of virus. no sickensses. the american game starting despite what must be woke efforts to derail and denigrate it. very buoo 

a friend writes that ny is dirty and boarded up and many busiesses have given up. one wonders i f this is anifestation of sink pres woke and holding out for alms and general failure to create unbroken windows in effort to spawn protests and marxism 

anything to hurt economy and beseech gov for funds . what a marketing dept the virus has. good news is that it will all be over in Nov when challanger wins. perhaps that's why market at new highs 

your own man , the captain says you were out. flailing aoub t when losing a game onlyy works one in a million. djokavich versus federer as he tried a desperate forechast at match point against him like pres bettint us to wear face maks 

school kids dont vote so they bear the brunt of woke attempts to close schools. now even the educators are trying to keep schools closed as bonds set new highs 


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