BBQ Heaven.

August 31, 2020 |

Jeffery Watson writes: 

Yesterday at 4PM, I put a couple of shoulders on the smoker. I'm doing it very low and slow, and expect this meat to run 22-24 hours on the smoker. No problem, our guests aren't coming until 6 so we should be OK. Smoking meat is the easiest thing to do in the world, just marinate the night before, give it a good dry rub and let it go on low temp (215-230 degrees) until internal temp reaches 205 and it's tender. Keep the meat moist while smoking and spray with apple juice every 2 hours or so. Temperature is critical. After the smoke, let the pork rest for 90 minutes wrapped in tin foil inside an insulated cooler, then take out the bone and pull the pork apart with forks. I always throw a little rub and the juices  back into the pulled pork for an extra taste sensation. BBQ'ing might take a long time, but it's easy to do and tastes so good.   

Larry writes: 

Beautiful… Love the idea of the long smoke time think it makes a huge difference. I'm smoking whole chickens today about 3 1/2 hours also doing smoke corn in the cob if you haven't tried that yet it's a real treat.

Jeffery Watson writes: 

Smoked corn on the cob is also part of our menu along with slaw and homemade potato salad, the potatoes also got some smoke. Just took the shoulders out of the smoker and am now allowing them to rest. Total time was 20 hours and 45 minutes.  I cranked up the smoker To 300 and will be smoking a couple of pounds of sweet and hot Italian sausage. This dinner should turn out pretty decently.


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