August 31, 2020 |

what are the news? bonds at newhigh as stocks down 2 from open.. more woke programs universal preschool and poking fun at those who wish to be individualistic wihtout masks

like the beat , beat beat of the tom toms the bonds go up threatening new his whenever sp is down a moite. that provides a beautiful foundation for tu=futhter sp hi despite

in interim whenever stocis so much as decline 1/4 % bonds move to new highs. a very good foundaton for the next constructao nmber of 33000 on sp relentless rise to new highs

the How close can we be getting when deaths by motorcycle crashdead from a heart attack are being listed as death by CO/immigrant from an East European country tells us that families of persons who have died from anything are, oddly, being offered cash if they agree to list the COprevious cite was to a wsj letter and is part of sink trump pandemic incoluding closing schools and shutting down economic activity before Nov. How can market see thru the propaganda 


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