August 31, 2020 |

stocks are so strong that bonds refuse tos ee a new high and are down 1/3 of a pt. on day

in an amazing anomaly the higher we go in sp the higher the lead of the challanger no 23 percentage pts. ranomaly 2is that eveything we were taught for 50 years in macroeconomics about way to hlp the economy ,i.e. raising interest rates controlllng infl appears wrong

Thanks to MR. barbato for referring me to thsi article shwoing propaganda machine of aghrarians tosik incumbent

everyone in my family received bcg at birth. livingston wheeler an unsung hero with Pasteur

that should be challenger lead at new high in polls. no evidence that new thrust of incumbent is reducing very sig lead of challenger.a of c head of climate committee that drafted challenger proposals. estimated job loss in 10s of millions. only a billionare could wish this

bonds at new high. incumbent lead at new hi. covid deaths for under 25 cohort signif less than influenza and flu death in same period last 2 months. over reporting of covid deaths in all areas. sp set for new constructal number old high 3225 ish 


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