August 31, 2020 |

what situation does that remind you of a s dr cattle doubles down in every media possible to dump his partner

a doubles game was arranged. my partner was a thief . and it soon transpired th at he was d mping on me. there was only one thing to do . i kicked my partner off the court and hit every shot lefty backhand. ultimately the game was called because of obvious larceny by my partner

tje live intervu between the boy founder and dr. cattle brought bak a memory whcih i couldnt plac e until a now. when i ws 9 or 10 i ws very good in paddle ball. i had to play with my lefty backhand against a regular b+ player

you have to hand it to the chaolenger . his betting odds are 23 percentage pts bett er than the incumbent a maximum lead and the challlenger's suporters havent even wheeled out the october coup de graces 

dr. uriah cattle left no stone unturned in his learned trashing of everything Prez. perhaps( hopefully) this is sign of immminent transportation

lie the beat beat beat of the tom toms the bonds threated new his whenever stocks go down a moite. that provides a magnifcient foundation for futher sp his despite the ever widerning lead of the agrarians, and cattle trader ilk

he mentions that i SEll options" like school boy i stopped many years ago and learned my lessons. I wish I learned more, and I still am attempting to improve my game. the funny thing aobut the derivatives expert i cant go into becasue it is his wont when not pumping to sue

Mr; wolander mentions with invidiousness that he buys options in contrast to me. I am reminded of the 10 yrold that ook bets on football games and was ever after labeled schoolboy until he was 80. i learned my lesson and havent sold premium in 15 yrs. the lessons are many need one say more or wish for transport 


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