August 31, 2020 |

challengers lead over icumb is getting to be greater than ;rez/s lead over ctle trader. One can only hope that as events and pressies conspire to sink him, that he doesnt flail around in desperation thereby giving pressies and fifth colomnists further ammunition to destroy

even dr. cattle couodnt sink market todya. but his attempt to paint all the critique of his wrongness as "bizarre" was a fine defense. reminds one of the chronic bears who point to high p/e in wonderment of market rise to new highs

dr. cattle— havent even begun to see end of pandemc. -poke fun at idea that there is political agenda in closingschools ( sse phil kerpen on this) anomaly that if 90% of crimse is commited by group a how come group a is arrested more than group b

beautiful example on woke station twising eveything — starting out with dr. cattle — who do you trust more virus chief or pres.– havent even begun

marlet opponent refuses to be s uppressed from highs. it must be discourgaing to them that all the kings horses and gold cant further destroy market— but ot oh it keeps increasing lead of incumbent with ever increasing woke agenda

eg. marketing dept of dta compay — fear gage at high level, critical stage as unemplomnt expires, –my bearish bilious friend despite unlimited funds towoke orgs and a ll their tricks with same— dr cattle champing at bit to further excalate caution and pessimism– and yet

sp,e aspect s of market remind me of playing a racket game against someone with a weak bachhand. ( gordy anderson in my case). you keep hitting it to his back hand and its weak and you lose ( nver happn to me). te bilios billionaires keep tryig to suppress market and economy.

many high levels not seen in months in sp and crude and others. market refuses to be curtailed by marketing depts of woke,virus and incumbent 


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