August 31, 2020 |

speaking of the crocodile he always took notes of hs oponent and took every balll on the short hop on is toes. he said it gave him an extra 30 points a game. any of his books are highly recomened.

in the rematch federer served the same ball to jokovichs wide to the forehad but instead of stabbing at it for a winner the outcome was different. the crocodile waits for the player i the same place

the safe was found empty containing  a god brick and a penny let us hope a similar expose of ths learned imbecile occurs including alll his corresponence with the cattle trader and her ilk the empty treasure box

mr john smith a bio adviser suggests I need help because dr. fauci is a national treasure.". Their is famous con woman who maintained treasure box in France that was empty and she fooled all the courts andofficials with it. that box contains the dr. Ill give you ref ltr 


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