August 31, 2020 |

a robust bonds will ultamely trum virus fears

he contines to help the marxists. 2. the response to thenews today remnds m one of skinners' eperimetns on negative reinforcement. tehre ahve been so amy punishemnnts for the market with fake virus news ( i.e. keepig the schools closed) that the punishment s have lost impact

every oportunity the dr. says something that will help the cattle traders and marxstis to sink the pres. but if the pres dares to express a contrary view, he will be guillonied by the press. as said, te dr. wrote a lovee letter to the cattle trader and by an invisible black hand

finall dr. fauci is receiving witherigncriticim for his single minded concern with dire nutations and possiby unknown effects of the virus.. it mut be very hard for the pres to have soeone like the dr. trying to undermine the economoy and his rospects at every 

a hard fought game with the green pulling out all its stops tosink the red to no avail. histeres galore 

what a fish that was// we killed each other 


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