August 31, 2020 |

strangely the market watch coowned by dow jones is almst as bearish as the billious billionare site.. their lastest is withotu the best perfor tech stocks the sp would ahve erfrmend worse than a saving account.course that's always its as old as hill for bears to site this

more improtant the lead of biden continue at 2 /3 chanc eof wining and whatever incombent does it imediately is pillooried .and morbidity and mortality is vastly overstated to sink Pres can this counterbalance the bond yield boost  apparently not

phil kerpen tweets show that the death rate from preumian and other causes for all is much greater than the death rata from covid and that covid death rates are vastly exggerated by dying with covid rather than dying because of it

what is purpose of closing and restriction on schools except to create feeling of unhappiness and poverty (cont)

some nice big bond moves increase the chances of relentless drive of stocks perhaps with a histerisis 


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