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[oclomg Milie up many years after he had retired. and when he walked down Mullberry street to pickhierup, all the men of respect stampeded out of all the cooffee ships on Mulberry street thinkign that billl had coem to make more arrests

one of best stories ive heard is this. bill put many of the Godfather's in prison. they liked to frequent a coffer shop on Mulberry street. that was also the venue for the Fantastocs which Bills very capable wifeMillie liked to see frequently. one day bill was picking millie

bills bok Vice cop is the best true crime book i've read. billl has the record for most arrest. He was also head of bomb squad

bill mccarthy, a friend and student of Artie says t hat a souce of the problem is that suddenly its become de rigeur to resist arrest he says that some of time a no knock rule is justified. most policeman are not trained and practiced in using physical force. his book

beware of the easy way to the Bad one

bonds at yet another all time high , a nd crude falling below 40 for first time in days

the oikuce have a verycushy deal with the political savvy of theirunios, the difficuoty fo foing, and not rehiring, qualified immunity andtheiruse of militry equipmetn, the no knock and their tactics

the situation is similar to mayof the kurosawa samura movies where the warring party kept the fact that their chief general and leader was dead from the enemy. i am told that the bars in tokyo are controlled by the Godfathers and that the politicians can only suggest

one of the hidden motifs is that the cahlallenger must not face the incumbent in debates as his socialism and mental lapses would show so that the pressies must prepare the agenda to showo that the viruses makei it mandatory to halt all debates until after the election

very approately led by the most liberal school harvard— closing its sports program for the fall - and like nite the day all the other ivys fall along to sink the pres and maintain their monoopoly on ideological conformity for the new political party to bephil kerpen as a

nice graph showing the nmber of deaths from mexico sitely higher than the us but b oth decreasing. he neglects to say waht the hobo poitns out that all the us death come from mexico going for better care and air conditioning

 after an incredibl deceptie day, the market takes a rest for athe evening with just a 18 point range —- so far. — but yopu have to gave the sp credit for withstanding aklll the marxist closing and curtailing of schools . sort of going up on the firwsst really bad


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