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i calcu this for sp markt for last 10 years. and find that as of 12 noon if the market is down, the chances it will end up is 20% and if the market is down at of 1 00 pm, the chances it will end up is 18%.articles on is losing better than winning are relevant

as the market soars , one turns to a proability questiosn that pres forwalker aks. if tow teams are e venly mathcched what is the proability that thet eam that's losinn will end up the winner at the end. he presents a prob . model and empiricla resuls tat shows that 0.25 is ans

woulnt it be likely for a professional league possibly in the playoffs in oct. to have the rest of season canceled as the makreting dept of the virus find one of the players tests positive for the virus, especiallly if incumbent is catchng up to challanger at time

as the market soars to a new 19 day high, one is quried abut the influence of jb and anthoy inbasktballl onthe outcomes. I foud the besta nswer is that " the only team that can practice social distancing i the knicks on defense. steve's joke but there no s.dist possile

Mr. Jordan makesa good point on spec list . with alll the marxists united against prez , and their access to all sorts of damaging ifo on the econoy and markets and the prez. chacter and lapses, it is likely they will put the final crusher on Prez inOctober 2020

its only a ripple but if it was a market there would be a notice. for first time in 3 weeks teh bidens lead over pres has decreased. its now only 59% chance of beating the pres

out of population of 50 million schoool age kids there have been 15 deaths . thus a 1 in 3 million chance of school age kid dying despite the bias to hype the number of deaths ..


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