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SLAB CITY LOWEST, IMPREIAL COUNTY HIGHEST IN USA​ ​ Slab City, CA has become a free national refugee camp (cont)

thats dow 1900. he missed a 30 fold increase from 1956 . appparently the cattle trader followed him because she made her $ 99967from theshort sdie ofcattle. amazingly she did this while she said she was bullish form the wsj columns ( that didnt exist)

as mentioned you cant have breakfast all day. after 4 rises in a row covering 125 sp points just a little pause to cover shorts for the bears causes havoc. it only happend 4 times befire july 4. alll were up the next us trading day an average of 1%.

once he had a column with 15 independent reasons for being bearish. the dr. usualll give on reason pulled out of the hat from alll his colleagues in reseach around the world that could be bearish and deserving of caution and lock down

like the chronci bear the upsdie down man and many others he isadamant in seeking ot something self serving and cattle trading serving that will prevent happiness .. and tend to sink the economy. peopple loved abelson the way they do the dr.and he was eclectic in his reasons 


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