August 28, 2020 |

te crocs came out and scared everyone off the beach at 350 and then went bak to ther restig places.. a scare and a ambush without bodies

the crocs hated stee because he captured them alll and they waited to ambush him. there willl be no ambushed today i thiink

again the cdc , fda are united in covering things so that they will be at the fore regardless of what transpires pinnochi rasputin persists in maintaing necessity of futher guidance , restricitons . everything cattle trader from Pinnoch. cattle trader-be ahd of incumb

very subtle destructionof value at fda again.. they will only approve vaccine iif its 50^%% better than placebo. howoever the opalacebos are 90% likely not to detiorate.. so vaccine couldnt possiblye be aprovedl. have to be 10x effective. thus, not invesnted here persts

i believe alll crocodiles are resting and occupied with watching the bathers 

mr 50 hit again as pres gloats with prepared text. but this apparently not helping him in odds one cant resist a little short at these levels

the bilious billionaire site headlind that covid cases set a new record and cunempoyment calims exceeded expetations lobster bus in stonington is way down restaurants are closed ( as it is in vinyl so the little woman wil not be takingme there this summer

last one was up 60 the crocodile awaits the visitor who fishes at the same place twice in a row 


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