August 26, 2020 |

harry roberts was a learned professor and good runner and quality controlman. and friend. he wrote a good bayesian statistics book not published bu he loved differenc tween difference between odds. ratios. he could have used the triangle of challenger incumbent cattle tr

the useful learned idiot ignormaous is growing a longer nose than Pinnochil. hs explanation as to why he said that the public shoudnt wear face masks as they didnt help was that he was trying to save the available moite for hospitals he is intrvwd so often that he trips on nose

of course the ny governor who has ceded the plan for a new police to the protesters who have won is adamant on not allowing dining indoors as this willl help to sink incumbent

all the bilious ones could come up with today was apple is closing 13 stores , Mcdonalds wont allow indoor dining in those not already allowing it. the difference beteen odds of challeng ,incumbent almosot as great as difference between odds of cattle trader , incumbent.

presumably the incumbent wouldnt have said in his press conference that he hopes the employmentnumbers are good unless Mr. Kudlow had told him he wouldnt be embarrased by it. we had 3 nice updays and only before employment it s not bearisih. its 16 days since the lst 20 day

many snares and delusions in paths to rounds. all those learned ignoramuses and useful idiots espousing or hoping for collectivism —abandoning ship holding their fire today 


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