August 26, 2020 |

the leaed ignoramus tries to hide behing his love of the cattle trader and desire to sink the incombent

amazingl conrnelll did some independent thinking without regard to sinking the incumbent apparenly they;s so far r e moved from the other Ivy's that they can make a decision based on benefit to students rather than fund raising 

from 1 am its' anyone's game 

as mentioned i can no longer stay tuned to market 24 or 48 hours straight. and a recent reading of the godfather inspired me to spike my coffee with anissette tonight. so i lll have to let you go as the Greek said to Moss. the odds are 2 to 1 that it will be up at 1 am but

situation reminds mme of Patrick o brian''s description of a sinking ship. all hands acting for themselves and free to abandon captain in a life boat. who else is going to come out against the incumbent. how can they hurt him? so many of the recs are fostering the hoaxl ony cor

the bilious billionaires did as much as they couodl to sink it. and the odds on the challamger winning reached an alll time high. strangely strength befor first day of month is bull. and we see a round number in the offing soon. it been so long since a 20 day high

market showed its intrinsic strength today. on the lst day of month, usualy a pandemic tit rose strongly for second day in row. they tried everything. fauci tired to briing ti dowon with scare tactic. and so did change powell. the surgeon journal weighed in with ridic recs

a double header galore of trying to put f inal touches on incumbent. an d the spectacle of alll the politicians wiht masks on certifying their own watchfulness during the hoax is loathsome and bearish in itself. the market is amazingly resilietn considering everything. base 

played footwie with 50 and a stern Irishman looked askance 


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