August 26, 2020 |

andthe dax is perilously close to a constructal nuber of 12000. it s anyone s game again now that spu has broken the inevitable round

the senate impeachment trila was jan 21 to feb 1. could you just understand the hate and vitriol that woud have been thron ata the ncumbent if he had banned travel from relevant countries during that time. the nikke is no longer hyper

another tell paper of recod in ny after firing editor looks like house organ for the likely new party 

nikei and dax going thru rooof

its been suggested i concentrate on football as a tell. i thin baseballl the quintessentail american game much better tellwith all these specious reasons I am leaning to the bull side even earilier th an plannned

straws in the wind: derivatives expert says if investor s dotn se a tail risk they shouldnt be in the market. mark hulbert uses data from 1890 to show that Fed model doesnt work. covid cases icrease with more testing. biden lead icreases. 5 reasons to be bearish besides virus

keys to game . should be a very good empplyment and friday. question is whether to buy on Monday morning or Monday close. collectivists puling out all the stops to sink trump and economy over weeked. incombent lead over cattle trader continues to fall in betting makets. 


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